Business on your terms

because honestly who wants to follow the rules?

Whether you’re an artist or accountant, baker or bricklayer, our award-winning courses will help you create a business designed around your wants, needs and skills. 

Are you a Rebel?

The Rebel School exists because traditional education made it impossible to achieve our dreams. So, we created a new path. A way that everyone who has a business in their heart can find success. Whatever that success looks like for them. 

The Rebel path isn't for everyone.

 It’s for those who want to stick it to the people that say they aren’t good enough. It’s for those who think “you say difficulty, I say superpower”. It’s for those who have decided that their idea is worth fighting for.

We help businesses start and grow

It doesn’t matter if you need help choosing the right idea, getting things off the ground or growing that business you’ve had for years, we’ve got you covered.

Giving the skills needed

Anyone can start a business as long as the best education and advice is made available. It’s our job to deliver the inspiration, information and practical help needed to get your idea to the next level.

All completely free

We won’t sell you anything or sell your data. All of our courses and support are 100% free, all over the globe because of our sponsorship model.

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Business has changed

The world has changed

The way we empower people to start needs to change urgently

Tools to start your business

It’s our purpose to help you and your business and we have tonnes of resources to get your business moving without getting into debt.

Become a Rebel

The inspiration and information you need to help you start your business.

Rebel Entrepreneur

The podcast that flips business on its head with a new way of thinking.

Rebel Courses

Spend one or two weeks with us and take immediate action with your business.


Our new Rebel+ platform is our one stop shop for creative business training.‏‏‎

If your dream job doesn't
exist let's create it

We are changing the way entrepreneurship is taught so that ANYONE can start a business
debt-free, and we're giving it all away for free.

Don't take our word for it

Rebel Method

Our alternative startup methodology empowers people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world to get a business started.

Why should you
partner with us?

Our events are engaging, fun and for many, they are life-changing. We deliver the information, inspiration, and practical help people need to take action. We find sponsors and create local partnerships to ensure that anyone can attend, free of charge. No one has ever paid to attend a course.

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