470 by Rebel – Our dream is becoming a reality!

In some of Simon and Alan’s earliest days of coming up with The Rebel School, one of their first ideas was “a physical school where people could come and learn a new approach to business”.

In true Rebel style, they realised that owning and running a business was going to cost a lot of money, money they didn’t have to spend as a new start up. So instead, the PopUp Business School was born.

Not owning a physical location meant we could pop up anywhere, share the Rebel ideas of starting for free, tearing up the business plan, saying no to loans and building a business you love all over the UK (and in fact also Morocco, New Zealand, France, Colombia, USA and other parts of the world) and help over 18,000 people to start businesses.

But the idea of having a physical location never left us.

Which is why we’re so excited to share 470 by Rebel with our community.

It’s taken the team (mostly Henry) 4 long years of working with Westminster council, architects, and all sorts of other people, learning fire regs and saying “yeh we’ll be in there in about 4 weeks…” but now we’re finally in our first building.


When I say our, I don’t just mean the employed Rebel team, I mean our as in the whole Rebel community.


Yes, there’s a cool mini auditorium in there that we’ll host some of the courses from but anyone will be able to hire that space, or any of the podcast rooms, event spaces and work from the co-working spaces that make up the building (we’ve even got a little garden people!).

This is your building. Help us shape it so it works for you Rebels!

To do this, we need your help.

At the moment the building is a shell and we need sponsorships from the local Westminster corporates to be able to fill this place with people, furniture and absolute extraordinary stuff. We’ve set-up the building as a CIC and will be able to partner with amazing people to fund and support this project on-going.


To help, share the crowdfunding project (spacehive.com/therebelbuilding) with anyone and everyone you know in the Westminster area or on your social sites. We’re not asking for Rebels to donate but instead support us in connecting amazing local Westminster corporates who want to invest in their local community and support this project on-going.

Like and share - We'll get there together

The more people who know about 470 by Rebel and the more Rebels, like you, like and share the crowdfunder, the sooner we’ll connect with the right people and get this building open for the Rebels to enjoy!